The Fulton Project

'Dedicated to St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church"

A Message from Fr. Gonzalez 

After nearly a decade the project is moving to another level! Below are a few photos of the grand opening and church rededication on the feast of St. Joseph 2012. See the 'before photos' in our photo gallery to see the destruction before the restoration. It was devastating to the entire village. Now we hope to move forward with God's grace to establish a vibrant educational program. The people all need solid catechesis.


    Cuba: Church repair plan wins surprise government backing

    The new buildings signaled new hope nearly 30 years after Fidel Castro forced many priests and religious into exile and confiscated church buildings, the faith still perseveres! The crowd at the dedication Mass was so large, many people waited outside for hours to see the procession into  the Church as the festivities began, and stayed in the plaza until the early morning hours rejoicing! The offering of the gifts during the Mass. More interior photos posted in the gallery!  Gemma Aguirre webmaster- contact info


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